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23 May 2006 @ 06:55 pm
Mythological Name Listing  
Please understand that there are no reserves or automatic acceptances before a full application is recieved. You may let me know that you have interest in a character, but that won't guarantee you a spot in the game. It's entirely likely that one or two other people may be trying for the same name.

When picking, please focus on the elements listed in parenthesis (they're listed in order of importance). If you want to branch out to other elements, that's fine as well, but keep it relevant.
Also, it's up to you which side your character is on MYTHOS, AMO or something else. There's no predefined list of people who go in one group and people who go in another.

Basic List
Zeus (Weather, Kingship, Heaven, Sky)
Poseidon (Seas, Rivers, Earthquakes, Horses)
Hades (Underworld, the Dead, Death, Wealth)
Hera (Women, Marriage, Impregnation, Royalty, Fertility, Heirs, Heaven, the Sky)
Demeter (Agriculture, Horticulture, Grain & Bread, Food, Sustainence, Pig-Farming, Motherhood, Blessed Afterlife.)
Apollo (Music, Prophecy, Education, Disease, Light)
Artemis (Hunting, Wild Animals, Disease, Plague, Sudden Death, Children, Birthing, Choirs, Virgin Dances)
Athena (Wisdom, Intelligence, Tactics, (organized) Warcraft, Heroism, Counsel, Pottery, Weaving, Olives & Oil)
Ares (War, Battle, Manliness, Courage, Fear, Anger, Violence, City Defense, Civil Order and Disorder)
Aphrodite (Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Seduction, Procreation, Happiness)
Hermes (Heraldry, Travel, Athletics, Civilization, Commerce, Language, Thievery, Trade, Animal Husbandry, Good Luck, Guide of the Dead, Herald of the Gods)
Hephaestus (Weaponry, Metal, Vulcanism, Metalworking, Fire, Building, Sculpture)
Dionysus (Wine, Drunkenness, Madness, Parties, Vegetation, Promiscuous sex)
Hestia (Home, Hearth, Family, Fire, Sacrificial offerings, Sacrifice)
Persephone (Spring Growth, Grain, Underworld, the Afterlife)
Hecate (Witchcraft, Ghosts)
Helios (Sun, "Gift of Sight")
Selene (Moon)
Eos (Dawn/Dusk, Day)
Iris (Rainbow, Messenger of the Gods)
Hypnos (Sleep)
Morpheus (Dreams)
Nemesis (Retribution, Revenge, Resentment/Jealousy)
Tyche (Fortune, Chance, Luck, Success, Prosperity)
Nike (Victory)
Harmonia (Harmony/Order, Unity, Matrimony, Fidelity, Harmonious marriage)
Hebe (Youth, Young Vigor)
Heracles (Strength, Heroism, Heroic Might, Bravery)
Eris (Strife, Discord, Quarrels, Rivalry)
Zelus (Emulation, Envy, Zeal, Rivalry)
Bia (Force, Power, Might, Compulsion, Bodily Strength, )

If Nothing Strikes Your Fancy There, Check These Out:
Pan (Herds & Flocks, Mountain Wilderness, Animal Wildness)
Eros (Love, Lust, Sexual Desire)
Asclepius (Medicine, Healing)
Aether (Light, Air, Upper Atmosphere)
Aeolus (Wind)
Momus (Mockery, Blame, Ridicule, Criticism)
Deimus (Fear, Terror, Dread)
Phobus (Panic, Fleeing)
Psyche (Soul)*
Charon (Guiding the Dead, Waters of Styx, Ferrying)
Apate (Deceit, Fraud, Deception)
Alecto (anger)**
Tisiphone (violence)**
Megara (grudges)**
Kratos (Strength, Might, Power, Sovereign Rule)

Only go for these if you really, really want to:
Gaia (Earth)
Rhea (Mountains)
Themis (Custom, Order, Prophecy)
Leto (Stealth, prophecy/prophetic inspiration, womanly demureness)***
Astraeus (Stars, planets, astrology)
Aura (Breeze)
Clymene (Renown, Fame, Infamy)
Metis (good counsel, advise, planning, cunning, craftiness and wisdom)
Atlas (Strength, Endurance, Daring)
Ersa (Dew)
Keto (Sea Monsters, Sharks)
Thanatos (non-violent death--in sleep)
Keres (violent death, death by illness)
Morus (doom)
Limos (hunger, famine and starvation)
Lyssa (madness, mad rage, martial rage, rabies in animals)

*Please do not take a trip to the twinkie factory before making Psyche. It's very easy to create a festival of angst and stupidity with an element like soul.
**Alecto, Tisiphone and Megara belong to the Erinyes together, and basically serve the same purpose as Nemesis.
***I'm sure I'll chuckle at the first three or four SailorNinja applications I recieve when people apply for Leto, but please, when you do it, because I know you will, don't act like you're so original and funny because of it. I've already outlined how I feel about joking around in applications in the guidelines.

Definitely taken characters are:
Sailor Geras. Advisor to the Sailor Soldiers. (NPC)
Sailor Amphitrite (sea creatures) (My Character)
Amie: misc - Megaeradependonyou on June 15th, 2006 02:26 pm (UTC)
Megaera is actually the Erinye you are looking for. Megara is the wife of Hercules. ^_^; Just thought I'd let you know. ::will probably be apping for her, after all::