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22 May 2006 @ 02:44 pm
GO GREEK! Mythos  
GO GREEK! Mythos is similar to, but not the same as Mythos Soldiers/Mythos Senshi. Some things are the same, but there are more differences. It should not be considered an attempt to "bring back Mythos" so much as opening a new sailormoon RPG.
Because of this, the cast list was wiped completely clean (as of right now, I'm not even playing Eos any more and Mater no longer exists). Names were removed and added from a list of playable mythological names, and there are no predefined "alignments" for character--it's up for you to pick whether Zeus is reborn, a remnant, or a "zombie" when you fill out her/his character profile.

If you are interested in joining, please reapply! All applications recieved will undergo a review process by one person (me), no spots will be reserved and no one will receive an easier/harder review because of who they are, but I don't want that to sound like the review process is harsh--quite the contrary.
Mythos's story calls for a large, diverse cast of characters, and that can only be accomplished by a large, diverse group of players.
Mythos's mission is to bring people together to participate in the game in any way they like (this will be explained on the main page).

That being said, maybe the game's name should be changed to Mythos Wii at the last minute?
Also, Solid Snake and Metaknight will be making an appearance.
Not really.

This game is NOT a journal game.
Characters may, if they want, start IC journals, which will be run quite like a normal person would run their own journal--no PBs, no strikethroughs.
The primary logging styles are: IM, Chat, Email, Livejournal, whatever gets your log done.
Logs may be written in first, second or third person, in past or present tense or in script format.
Logs are not necessary for everything
This game runs off of timelines. Each character has an individual timeline (which should be listed on their page once they are accepted), and the main page will have a large timeline for important events. Not every event marked on a timeline needs to have logs, just important ones (this will also be detailed on the main page).
This is not a slash/smut/yuri/yaoi/hentai game.
This game is rated R for vulgarity, violence, possible drinking/drug use depiction, and insinuated sex